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1902-3/4 Bathroom Makeover

This home was built in 1902 and was in dire need of a make-over.  The sub-floor was rotten and all the trim had to be milled to match the existing trim.  All plumbing fixtures were replaced, beadboard paneling was used on the walls, a chair rail added, a tile floor was installed and a maintenance free-fiberglass shower stall was used.


A look at the bathroom before with rotten flooring;  Not in good shape. 
Missing doors and countertop paint a grim picture for this built in cabinet.

New doors were made and beadboard paneling inserted.  The countertop was fabricated from birch plywood and hardwood  and coated with 4 coats of polyurethane. 
Crown trim topped the cabinet off to match the windows and doors. 

A look at the new casement window freshly trimmed, on the right.

Gotta have one of these...toilet!  And some tile on the floor as well. 
Baseboard is 10" in height.

Period style pediment head trim, adorned the door and window.

Textured wallpaper was applied to the ceiling and painted a cream color
 that accented well with the off-white walls.