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These artworks are  made from mostly birch hardwood and some plywood.  The Sculpt-sects are made from 5/4 and 4/4 birch hardwood with copper wire accents securing the appendages.  No paint was used in their creation, only a combination of oil and water based wood stains.  They are quite large in size and would make an excellent table piece or wall hanging.  Any inquiries should be directed through the Contact Us button to the left.  Thanks for visiting and feed-back is very much appreciated.

Crafted from 25 separate pieces, the Scorpion measures 16" long x 10" high x 10" wide.

A Bumblebee measuring 13" wide x 12" long x 9" high.  Body is 3/4" while wings & legs  are 3/8" thick.  Appendages are joined with copper wire.

This red dragonfly measures 24" across x 22" long x 10" high.  The wings are 3/8" thick while the body is 1 1/4" thick with delineations across the back to show the segments of the body.  Finish coating is water and oil based stain and top coat is 3 coats polyurethane.

The Praying Mantis made from 18 pieces of birch individually shaped and joined with copper wire, stands an impressive 18" high and is 10" deep x 7" wide. 

The Butterfly crafted from 1 1/4" birch measures 16" across, 8" high and 14" deep. 

Legs and accents are copper wire.

The Ant with segmented legs jointed with copper wire measures 26" long x 9" wide x 5" high.

The Fly crafted from 13 individual pieces of birch is the only insect that received paint in the making.  The wings were masked off, painted with Pearl paint and then a combination of stain and paint were mixed to achieve the iridescent look.

The Ladybug crafted from 4 pieces of 1 1/4" birch boasts heavy copper legs and accents and a bit more detail work with the stain.

The Walking Stick fabricated from dowel rods accented with copper legs and antennae measures 26" long, 14" wide and 8" high.

The caterpillar is made from 1 1/4" birch and measures 7" wide x 36" long x 3" tall.  He has 32 legs in all and is currently in use at Zokahana flower shop downtown as a place to sign your credit card slip at the counter.  His antennae are for holding pens.

The Grasshopper measures 15" long x 8" tall x 3" wide.